Wedding Arbor Features


custom design

3D modeling software helps make your idea come to life before anything is cut and its too late! Take the elements from arbors you find online and combine them into one or dream up the one you want from scratch. Iterations through the design process help communicate thoughts and ideas to ensure you will love the final product.


Not everyone has the space or wants an arbor after their big day. Transform the arbor you were married under into something useful for you and your new family. Enjoy the summer evenings with a bench or turn it into a planter box where you can create memories for years to come.


no tools required assembly

Each arbor will be created so the main pieces will be able to fit into the back of a truck or SUV. Once at the venue, the arbor will be easily assembled without needing any tools (one less thing to forget!).

guest book

A few pieces of the arbor can be attached in a way that allows for easy removal after the ceremony to be placed on a table for guests to sign. After your event, different finishes can be applied to help your memories last. These pieces could be the back of your bench or turned into the picture frame that holds your group photo.

The sky is the limit. If you can think of it, I would love to collaborate with you to make it a reality.