It is my hope that the products I create will bring a sense of joy to your life and remind you to find moments of stillness and elicit happy memories.

about me

Chris joined the Marine Corps out of high school and served in Iraq for 2 tours with Marine Helicopter Squadron HMM-364. Our missions were to act as the flight for life (combat edition), casualty evacuation, troop transport, and resupply. This intense yet humbling experience has led him down a path of community service. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2008, Chris spent time in Antarctica as logistical support for the National Science Foundation research endeavors. After returning Chris earned a degree in Civil Engineering with the aspiration to be of service to our communities by ensuring our roadways, structures, and utilities are safe.  After a 280 mile hike across Colorado, Chris decided the best way he can improve community is to apply his skillful talents through a more hands on approach. Thus, his dream of creating a wood working company was built.